Clinker Claird

One of three brothers from a remote Prime world, now keeper and owner of Clinker's, a dwarven tavern near the Lower Ward ash tip.


Clinker Claird came to Sigil years ago, called by his successful elder brother, Camnell Claird , and accompanying his younger brother, whose name I just forgot. Camnell divided a part of his fortune to provide for his siblings, and Clinker immediately set about making a sizable tavern out of a sturdy, dwarven-scale building near the huge pile of ash at the edges of the Lower Ward.

Clinker is a member of the Free League (Indeps) faction.

He has tasked the party with performing an act of brotherly charity – restoring the use of his elder brothers’ hands – without Camnell knowing of the familial connection.

Clinker Claird

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